Singer Erika Jayne accused in money laundering lawsuit worth 50 million 

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It appears, that the singing sensation and former member of the reality show real housewives of Beverly hills Erika Jayne, has found herself in trouble after she has been summoned by the court to answer for the charges that have been leveled at her, which include racketeering worth 50 million dollars.

Name of Erika Jayne appears in 50 million racketeering lawsuit 

While returning from her extravagant and expensive Hawaii trip, Erika Jayne, while arriving at the airport in Los Angeles was greeted by the shocking news that she had been named in a racketeering lawsuit worth 50 million, at the airport she was approached by a woman who halted her and handed her over a suitcase, which presumably had documents related to the case for Erika to go through, in the video that had surfaced online, this woman can be seen telling to Erika that her intention was simply to make sure that Erika receives the needed documents which also include the summons of the court for her, apparently, this is not the only charge that is leveled against the singer, in the legal face-off which also has her ex-husband Tom Girardi involved, the long list of charges which are total nine to be exact, it includes, racketeering, unlawful business practice, deceit and deception and many more. 

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Edelson PC, the one who had filed the law suit against the 50 year old singer and actress who had been featured in the reality show Real Housewives of beverly hills stated that the show of wealth created by Jayne and her ex husband was tailor made for the reality tv. he also claimed that all this while she had been acting as front to funnel money for unsuspecting customers. 

Internet users react to Erika Jayne being dragged in a lawsuit.

The internet seemed in a mood of celebration after the news broke out that the singer Erika Jayne is being named in a lawsuit of racketeering worth 50 million, she has been termed as a sociopathic liar by the netizens