House of the second season of BTS in the SOOP is now an Airbnb 


Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Dick Clark Productions

Members of the army, the self-styled fanbase of the Korean music band BTS, will now be able to reside in the same house in which their much-loved musicians lived once back in the day 

BTS mansion now up for rent

While they were filming the second season of BTS in the SOOP, the members of the famous band BTS had been lodged in the house, which is now listed as a property that can be rented on the website Airbnb from the 2nd of august of this year, the house is located in Pyeongchang in the nation of South Korea, the property is expansive and serene and gives a lovely vibe of the South Korean city, it is a hilly region filled with beautiful forests and lovely vistas, in fact, the original furniture and amenities which had been showcased in the show are all present and it has all sorts of activities filled with fun for the residents to not get bored, it has its very own swimming pool and a very nice basketball court for your entertainment, it has a very lovely study which is filled with a lot of books, over the course of the second season, there is also a well-equipped gym, a karaoke room and much more.

A chance to stay in the BTS mansion 

If you are an army, that is a fan of the music band BTS, then you would be glad to know that the website on which the mansion has now been listed, AirBnB, is now giving a chance to two lucky winners who would be blessed with a chance to stay in the bts mansion for a night, which in itself is a once in a lifetime opportunity.