Why was Drake criticized over a story? Who is the unsuspecting woman in Drake’s “creepy” story?


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Who is not aware of the controversies that Drake has faced in his life? We can see that Drake and controversies go hand in hand. Drake has now engaged himself in another controversy when he recently put a story about a woman. He faced lots of backlash due to the story he posted on Instagram. Now the woman of his story is where all the fans and everyone has devoted their attention towards. Do you want to know who is the woman portrayed in the rapper’s story?

What is Drake doing in St Tropez?

Drake has always been in the social media buzz whether it is for real or fake. Again, he was brought into the limelight when he was having his me-time, or we can say he was having his vacation. He is enjoying his holidays in St. Tropez with his friends. This vacation was not the thing that created a buzz. 

The rumors began when Drake and his friends were going to Club 55 through his yacht which caught their attention. He was captured together with a model. Along with that, Suede Brooks the rapper was spotted in a bikini. 


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Who is the mystery woman in Drake’s IG story?

Drake has come in limelight a lot of times due to the love affairs he had. Nothing can be kept hidden from the media about anyone’s love life. Now the latest love angle of Drake is calculated with the woman who was seen on a yacht. The woman is Suede Brooks. However, no green signal is given from their side as none of their social media posts hint at their love relationship. 

Drake in his latest story uploaded a mystery woman’s photo. In the photo, he gave the caption where he wrote, “Tried to airdrop this woman a pic of herself cause she’s a dime”.in the story he uploaded the woman was sitting and was busy with her phone. The picture is expected to be rather candid where she was not aware that anyone is clicking her photograph. 

Why did Drake receive backlash for his story?

Netizens were quick enough to give their opinion and reciprocate the post. The whole social media was flooded with different comments from users who denounced the story of the rapper. This led to another controversy created by Drake himself.  People said that his opinion about the woman should be kept to himself only. He should not have written anything like this for a woman and posted it as a story.