The great American singer Loretta Lynn is not anymore: died at the age of 90 years.

American singer Loretta Lynn

The coal miner’s daughter singer Loretta Lynn who was also known as the country’s music icon died at the age of 90.

Let’s have a look at Lynn’s journey of sparkling 60 years.

On October 4, early in the morning our dearest singer Loretta Lynn the Coal miner’s daughter went to sleep forever, at her beloved home on a ranch at Hurricane Mills although a lot of media outlets went to her house to cover the whole scenario but right now the family is asking for privacy as it’s a big loss for them.

Loretta Lynn was known for her singing she was honoured with every single award known to a musician, in a long career of 60 years, she was also inducted into the County Music Hall of Fame in 1988.

Although Lynn’s songs were trailblazing still her pen decides to write the truth and motivate rural women.

In an associated press in 1995 she said that I have seen women fighting hard because I am also somewhere from the club I don’t want to other live that life I have gone through, this is what today I have written Lynn said.

Loretta Lynn was so honest and fearless singer and songwriter she openly writes about sex, love, cheating husband, divorce, and birth control due to which sometime she also lands up in a big problem with radio stations due to content issues.

Loretta Lynn’s autobiography turned into a movie Coal miner’s daughter.

In 1969 Loretta Lynn wrote her autobiography which was later turned into a movie “Coal miner’s daughter” in 1980  in the film Sissy Spacek plays the role of Loretta Lynn and for this role, she also won her academy awards, and the film was also nominated for the best film, this film also gives a boost to the boosted career of the country singer.