Christina Ricci talks about how Johnny Depp educated her about homosexuality when she was 9

Christina Ricci Johnny Depp

Credit: Yahoo Entertainment

Hollywood actress Christina Ricci has a very interesting tale about how she came to learn about the concept of homosexuality when she was apparently 9 years old, she shared this very interesting story with Andy Cohen on his show Andy Cohen live, while working on the film mermaids, her co star Winona Ryder, had let her then boyfriend, Johnny Depp do the explaining to the very young Christina Ricci, she had put Johnny on the phone and handed it over to Christina as he explained what was homosexuality and what it meant to be gay or lesbian.

Johnny Depp explains what is homosexuality to Christina Ricci

Christina talked about how it happened, while filming the Mermaids, there had been an argument between someone, and it may have happened that they said something mean, to which a comment was passed that the said person is homophobic, this was apparently a new word in the dictionary of the young Christina Ricci who wondered what was being Homophobic, she had been in the trailer of Winona Ryder and put up the question to her, Winona who obviously was shocked and did not know how to respond, instead opted to call her then boyfriend johnny depp asked to answer the question of the child, Christina told that Johnny did not hesitate even for a second and went on that If a man loves a man or maybe a woman loves a woman, then that’s called being homosexual.