Steve Will Do It Shares A Video Accusing 6ix9ine And Fake Lil Durk Aka Lil Perkio Stirs Up Drama

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Lil Perkio, a Lil Durk impersonator, recently made headlines after he made comments on his Instagram account regarding artist 6ix9ine and YouTuber Steve Will Do It. Fake Lil Durk, nicknamed Perkio, shot to stardom not long ago after his remarkable likeness to the Chicago rapper went viral. He has, however, gotten himself into a lot of difficulty.


Since he began partnering with YouTubers who want him to appear in their videos, Perkio’s name has begun showing up on social media platforms.


Perkio claimed he was scheduled to speak with another YouTube artist about their video, but things went wrong. The actor shared his side of the tale on Instagram.

Fake Lil Durk, aka Lil Perkio, posted an Instagram video accusing 6ix9ine and Steve Will Do It of collaborating with the Nelk Boys. Fake Lil Durk, aka Lil Perkio, posted an over seven-minute-long video on Instagram accusing 6ix9ine and Steve Will Do It of collaborating with the Nelk Boys.


Perkio opens the video by stating that the YouTube channel reached out to him via Instagram. They requested collaboration, to which he replied affirmatively.He also claims that he was ambushed by Chicago rapper 6ix9ine and his entourage while speaking with the Nelk Boys.When he went upstairs with the YouTube group, someone threw a jacket on him, according to the influencer. He alleges that he had already told the Nelk Boys that he would not collaborate with 6ix9ine and that he had already said “no.”

Later, the influencer revealed that Steve Will Do It was also present during the entire scenario. He claims that the 23-year-old YouTuber set him up on purpose.


DJ Akademiks, who keeps fans informed about the latest hip hop news, uploaded Perkio’s popular video on his official Instagram account. He also shared a text discussion between 6ix9ine and himself, in which it is hinted that the encounter was pre-planned.

Lil Perkio’s video clip gets a response from 6ix9ine and Steve Will Do It.

Neither 6ix9ine nor YouTuber Steve were pleased with Lil Durk’s impersonation claims.


Steve said he wanted to see the DM in a comment on DJ Akademiks’ re-posted tape. He also stated that he never texted Perkio and that the influencer met with 6ix9ine in exchange for money.

Steve did not plan the encounter, and Perkio was lying, according to rapper 6ix9ine.


Perkio was later seen counting $7,500 in cash for the video he promised to make with 6ix9ine, according to DJ Akademiks.