Fact Check: Is Alinity Pregnant With Mizkif’s Child, As Rumored?


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Alinity’s extremely “pregnant” picture on Twitter took Mizkif off surprise and caused people to think that the steamer was expecting a kid. On a prior webcast, Alinity previously tried to pull off the same kind of a joke on Mizchif, claiming she was pregnant and she had no idea who is the father of the baby. However, we can promise you that the streamer will not be expecting a kid in 2022.

Alinity models a phony pregnancy bump.

Alinity made headlines on June 17 when she uploaded a photo of herself.

In the caption, she stated, “Yo @REALMizkif.” I’m expecting the baby to come soon! It’s best if you get acclimated to being a father.”

Other well-known streamers and online personalities shared their responses to the well-publicized fake pregnancy announcement.

Mizkif was shocked by the sudden news and he couldn’t believe his eyes .

 He replied with question marks to the claim that Alinity made by the post. He obviously was again into shock even though she had earlier played the same joke on him.


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No, the streamer is not pregnant.

Alinity isn’t expecting a child at all. During a webcast in May 2022, Alinity told Mizkif she was pregnant over the phone, but he refused to believe her. Alinity responded that she was just having fun by the prank and she is not really pregnant, just as her fans were starting to believe her, and Mizkif pressed her to swear she wasn’t joking.

Furthermore, none of the streamer’s previous Instagram photographs show any signs of pregnancy, unlike the baby bulge she displayed in her last post.

A few days ago, Alinity posted a selfie but there were no signs of a baby bump