If you want to earn a lot of money, Netflix got it fixed for you! Play in this reality show. 

Squid Game


The Netflix original series Squid game which quickly became popular all around the world is now set for another season and creates a sensation among the eager audience who wanted to see more of the series. First, it was unclear if the series will be renewed for a new season but now Netflix has officially declared that another season is coming back to show how the life of Seong Ji-hun (Lee Jung-Jae) changed in the series. 

The series is all ready to with its season 2 

Some reports suggested that the new season will return to the television screens on June 12th however the release date of the series is still unknown. In the meantime, Netflix is set to surprise people with its new reality show which is similar to a squid game and just like in the series, people will earn money through the games. But would you like to experience the thrill of “Fun” of playing the games that Koreans were playing in the series? Will the series become reality? 

Netflix announced that this reality series is in work and the casting is under process. 

What important things should you know about ‘Squid Game, The Challenge’?

The trailer revealed that the biggest danger is not playing and they are returning with their biggest rewards for people. The show is claimed to become the biggest reality series ever! The show will be shot in the UK with 456 players to battle for a total of $4.5 million grand prizes. These are the only things that are officially revealed till now however fans of the show and viewers are already speculating about the show. Viewers also had different reactions to the same. One of them wrote, “A real Squid Game? Does Netflix not know how the show ended? It wasn’t very nice!”  while its quite obvious that the real game won’t include any ‘elimination’ like that in the series, the concept of it to be played in real life is very intriguing.

Squid GAme