As Joe Biden’s video becomes viral, the essence of kleptocracy is explained.

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Ap/Ted S. Warren

A viral speech video showing US President Joe Biden failing to pronounce the word “Kleptocracy” recently went viral, causing a stir on the internet. President, it’s been a while since the video went viral. Netizens are debating the definition of the term “kleptocracy.” But, what exactly does that imply?

President Joe Biden was giving a speech about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

President Joe Biden delivered a speech at a White House press conference on Thursday this week. While his speech included a lot of references to the Russia-Ukraine conflict. However, when speaking about Russia’s action, the President struggled to pronounce a word.

President Biden got stopped on the word “Kleptocracy” in his White House speech, which he found difficult to say. Several times he tried to pronounce the word. The President was eventually discovered by the audience. His videos of him stumbling across the term are now going viral.


Biden joked about his difficulty pronouncing the word “kleptocracy.”

The President then went on to speak on the situation in Ukraine. The phrase “kleptocracy” came up in his statement about America’s actions. While Biden tried to say it correctly. He ended up repeating that term incorrectly several times.

Indeed, when Biden struggled to pronounce the phrase “kleptocracy,” At the uncomfortable point of his speech, he couldn’t resist laughing. Since the time of the speech, to be precise. Videos of Biden stumbling with the term have gone viral on social media. Netizens, on the other hand, are trying to figure out what the term “kleptocracy” means.

The word “Kleptocracy” has both a meaning and a pronunciation.

Despite the fact that President Biden found the word “kleptocracy” difficult to pronounce. It isn’t that difficult, though. The term is pronounced “Klep-tohc-racy.” However, if you are unfamiliar with the definition of the term. Here’s what it all implies.