The Lead singer of “Coldplay” Chris Martin is now suffering from a serious lung infection: Band is forced to postpone the Concert.

Coldplay” Chris Martin

On Tuesday, the band announced that we are forced to postpone our shows in Brazil, as the lead singer Chris is suffering from a “serious lung infection”.

The band postponed the series of concerts in Brazil.

The band was all set to perform in Brazil from 11 October to 12 October but unfortunately, this can’t happen as the lead singer of the band (Coldplay) got into serious medical problems later the band apologise through a post on Instagram and Twitter.

What was in the post uploaded by the band Coldplay?

The post uploaded on Instagram and Twitter by the band was captioned with we are extremely sorry to everyone who ever was willing to come and enjoy our concert but It’s not possible now as our band leader Chris is suffering from a serious Lung infection, even doctor strictly prescribed him to take rest for a minimum of 3 weeks we are sorry again for the inconvenience.

We are working hard to fix everything and come up with new dates, the group also said that we were extremely terrified that will you people will able to understand our problem and we are so glad that you understand and stand with us as a family 

The band is still full of optimism and positivity. 

The band announced that the same tickets will be eligible for the rescheduled show and there are also refund available for those who can’t make it. 

Till now the band is full of optimism and positivity believing that everything will be fine and the tour will again resume in early 2023.