Eliza Fletcher abduction: New Twist In Eliza Fletcher’s Abduction


Credit: Fox News

Memphis police have found a body near the abduction location

Eliza Fletcher has been abducted while jogging last week She has been missing since last week and her family is continuously appealing for help from the public and the police.

Memphis police department officer in 1600 block victor street has found a dead body At 5:00 PM

The police have spotted a dead body near the abduction location its not confirmed yet whose body is but people are making predictions that it should be related to the Fletcher’s but nothing is concluded yet because the investigation is still going on.

Heavy chaos at the suspicious place

Later that night some news outlets also Noticed 15 to 20 cars of police near victor street with a mobile commanding operator and a flying helicopter spotted near east Person avenue But police haven’t confirmed yet whether the heavy police presence was related to Fletcher or not

The suspect has been spotted near 1765 Orleans Cleaning blood from a GMC SUV 

A 38-year-old Cleotha Abston has been arrested by U.S Marshall near the location police saw him Cleaning Blood from his GMC floor and washing his clothes he was acting so strange after this on Sunday police identify his DNA on Fletcher’s sandals found near the location from where Fletcher was abducted

Police have said Abston was Jogging around 4:00 am when a man forcibly approached Fletcher and put her into the GMC SUV police also mention that Fletcher didn’t lose hope and had a great fight before being abducted 

Fletcher is none other than the granddaughter of the Late Joseph orgil |||. A Memphis businessman 

Now the crime scene is blocked a mile from the location police are still searching for more evidence before closing the case 

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