Former WWE CEO Vince Mcmahon fires Shane Mcmahon over his wrong behavior in Royal Rumble

shane mcmohan

Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

As per our reports, Shane McMahon was asked to leave his job suddenly. The reason behind it is that he asked for multiple changes in the show. This made multiple WWE Superstars disappointed and upset. As per information, McMahon was removed from World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE). The reason he was sacked was that his behavior off-stage was not acceptable. As per the information, all the issue that was created behind the scenes was because of Shane. This was because of his work at Men’s Royal Rumble where he performed as a backstage producer. He did it during the commencement of 2022. It was because the event was very shabby and disorganized. 

According to our information, Shane let down several performers during the event including some famous figures like Brock Lesnar. 

Shane McMahon’s behavior triggered and affronted his father 

Vince McMahon took the decision for suspending his son as per the reports of Fightful Select. Vince decides to expel his son from his company as he was triggered and affronted because of Shane’s actions. Even after expelling his son from the company Vince have the statement that he will not have any other pop in this company till the time he presents in it. Also, this statement is assumed to be because of pressure from some people, as per the source who is very close to the WWE chairman.

 As per the information provided by the insider, S. McMahon tried to make multiple changes and made the famous personalities of WWE furious because of that. As per the reports, since Shane came back, the famous wrestling star, Brock Lesnar who is at peak of his career felt that Shane’s behaviour is inappropriate. The natural flow of the event was disturbed due to improper planning. The chaos occurred when Brock entered the wrestling ring instead of Randy Orton. 

Shane and Seth Rollins’ match will happen

According to inside sources, Shane provoked Lesnar. He provoked the former CEO who is currently dealing with charges of sexual harassment. However, Shane McMahon was observed backstage during Wrestlemania. Though no one is aware of what transpired there. The famous showcase of the immortal’s match which was scheduled to occur between Shane and Seth Rollins’ was cancelled. The reason behind this is the inappropriate behavior of Shane during the Royal Rumble event.