Shania Twain opens up about her struggle against the Lyme disease 

Shania Twain lyme disease

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The singer Shania Twain talks about her struggle against the Lyme disease for which she was diagnosed her tour titled 113 dates up

Shania talks about her battle against Lyme 

In  the documentary based on her life, titled Not Just a Girl, Shania talks in great detail about her struggle against the disease of Lyme, she had went public about her condition and how she caught the illness when she was bitten by a tick while riding a horse in Norfolk, almost 19 years back in 2003, the infection struck and left her vocal cords severely damaged, she had lost for the ability to speak and was fearing that she will never be able to sing again, she talked about how before the diagnosis she was being affected by the illness, how she would feel extremely dizzy, how would feel she would suddenly lose her balance and fall on the floor, the 56 year old singer recalled that how she felt how her voice was quite different from  that of before she caught illness, her worst fear was of not being able to return to the stage and perform, she talked about undergoing many difficult and dangerous operations and surgeries and she was lucky to survive them, she says she is ready to keep going     


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Shania on her husband cheating on her

Recently country singer Shania revealed that she had chosen to part ways with her husband, the winner of the grammy award, Mutt Lunge, since she caught him cheating on her with another woman, his secretary Marrie Anne, she wonders with the tragedy that has happened with her, she wont be wanting to return to a career of music any time soon. She was sad that in a time like this when she needed complete support from her loved ones, her husband decided to leave her for another woman.