Ariana Grande reacts to accusations of ditching her music career for REM beauty.

Ariana Grande

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The famous singer Ariana Grande is under fire from the netizens as they claim that Ariana has decided to completely abandon her singing career in favor of promoting her business products, like the REM line of beauty products.

Ariana Grande responds to accusations from fans 

On Thursday that went by, that was the 28th of July, the famous singer Ariana Grande had taken to Tiktok as a part of a promotion and advertising campaign for the new products in her REM line of beauty products, with a special focus on the new product that is being launched, the Sweetener Concealer, although it is worth noting that this will be the fourth major entry in the REM beauty line, it would be available in more than 60 shades, Ariana had decided to go live to demonstrate her new line of Out of Body concealers, however, while on the life, instead of fans taking in the promotion, many went on to comment that Ariana would do better to remember that she is a singer first. However the singer more or less chose to ignore it and didn’t appear moved by the accusation, she went on to continue with her demonstration of the product, which she claims to have been using in secret for more than a year now.


Fans’ reaction to Ariana’s response

Many fans seemed a bit disappointed at the reaction of Ariana grande, many went on to say that now every video should be about reminding her how she is actually not making music anymore, some even said that she should be left to her own devices and be left to do whatever she wishes to.


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