Brad Pitt talks about his belief in having prosopagnosia

Brad Pitt talks about his belief in having prosopagnosia


In recent news, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt talked about his struggle against Prosopagnosia, a rare medical condition which more by it’s other name, face blindness.

Brad Pitt thinks he has Prosopagnosia

In an interview for the GQ magazine conducted by the writer Ottessa Moshfegh, as their conversation went on, the Ocean 11 actor talked about the various aspects of his life, which were both professional and personal in nature

He also opened up about what he thinks is a medical condition he is suffering from, called prosopagnosia or face blindness, he says that he has difficulties in remembering and recalling the faces of the people he met, although he has never been diagnosed and confirmed that whether he has the medical condition or not, but he likes to believe he is indeed suffering from it.

He talked about how this has led to a creation of a certain image of him, aloof, cold, and detached while Brad has always wanted to remember the faces he sees and meets but struggles to do so.

After hearing what brad had to say, Ottessa told the fight club star that her husband probably had the same problem as Pitt, he responded by saying that all this time no one actually believed him about the problem and he would surely like to meet someone facing the same trouble.

Years back in 2013, in an interview with the Esquire, he talked about how his medical condition has led to people think he his disrespectianng them and has damaged some relations for the actor

The Inglorious Bastards actor said that he is now very willing to get this tested, since many now assume him to be a egoistical and cold person due to his inability to remember faces.

What is Prosopagnosia?

Prosopagnosia, otherwise known as face blindness is a rare disorder of the brain where it cannot remember and recall new faces and recognize their facial features, if the data from the national library of medicine is to believed, around 2 to 5% around the world have this problem