What is Ay Caramba? And why is Tyga facing backlash for it?

Ay Caramba

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In a video he recently, Tyga officially offered his apologies to the members of the Mexican American Community after he got serious backlash in response to his music video Ay Caramba, what is Ay Caramba, and what has Tyga invited the wrath of the netizens for the internet users?

What is Ay Caramba?

Ay Caramba, in its most literal terms, means to surprise, in itself, it was completely normal, even the lyrics were not something that offended them, but the video that accompanied the music was not done properly, as claimed by the section of the Mexican American Community, it was the execution of the music video that seems to have hurt the sentiments, this was the first time when Tyga had decided to go outside the box and create a song based off the culture of the Mexican people, however the song and its video wasn’t something the audience welcomed with all smiles, the singer had faced a lot of backlashes. 


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Tyga talks about the backlash he faced after Ay Caramba

Tyga broke his silence about the topic when he appeared in the American Cholo podcast, he said that he was taken by utter surprise when he found that the people were reacting negatively to the song, he had done a latin song earlier, he even took the initiative to ask his Mexican friends of what possible mistake he committed and where did he go wrong, he said that his intentions were well and not meant to offend anyone, he said that his song was an attempt to honor his Mexican people he had grown up with.