What is Fractal Burning, according to TikTok? After a Wisconsin couple died as a result of a trend gone wrong.

We had the new trend called Fractal Burning trend, which is also a sign of warning, thanks to TikTok essentially making every trend viral on the platform. The viral trend, on the other hand, is a type of art trend. Which is really perilous to attempt. But, if you’re truly curious about why that is, here’s what we know.


TikTok’s Fractal Burning Trend has gone widespread.

Trends are OK as long as they do not cause harm to others. This is also true of the emerging fad of Fractal Burning. The start of this tendency can be traced all the way back to the year 2020. However, it is still popular to this day.

@bruceburnswoodshop Fractal wood burning with a microwave transformer! #fractal #asmr #satisfying #satisfy #woodworking #YerAWizard ♬ original sound – Trevor Bruce

A wooden plank with a chemical over it is seen in this viral trend. The risk is that high-voltage electricity is then transferred through the wood. As a result, the wood has a tree and branch-like aspect towards the end. Not to mention that a few people tried the fad, and the video became viral.


Why is the Fractal Burning trend considered a threat?

Certainly, anything with a trend to go with anything lethal should be avoided. As a result, this current Fractal Burning fad also incorporates potentially hazardous goods. Chemicals and high-voltage power, in particular, are the most dangerous aspects of this trend.


As a result, users should not attempt it. Meanwhile, high-voltage electricity is dangerous in and of itself, and treating it as an art trend would be a huge error. Not to mention, some of the most heinous incidents associated with the Fractal Burning craze are documented in reports.


According to reports, a couple died after attempting the Fractal Burning trend.

If one believes that it is a viral trend that cannot fail, one is mistaken. You’re probably joking around. This Fractal Burning fad has already claimed the lives of a Wisconsin couple who were attempting it. According to reports, a Wisconsin couple was electrocuted while attempting this trend and died as a result.


Not only that, but some deaths have been reported in association with this trend, indicating that it should be avoided. As a result, one should not participate in this hazardous trend and should discourage others from doing so as well.