Mike Tyson hits a passenger, according to Melvin Townsend III’s criminal records.

Mike Tyson hits a passenger, according to Melvin Townsend III's criminal records.


In 2018, Melvin Townsend broke into a residence and stole a trailer, which he then hooked up to his truck. Melvin Townsend III allegedly assaulted a passenger named Melvin Townsend III on a flight. The event occurred on a JetBlue flight from San Francisco International Airport to Florida, according to sources. After being battered by Mike Tyson on an aeroplane, Melvin Townsend III came to stardom. The 36-year-old, on the other hand, is discovered to have a major criminal history and is no stranger to legal troubles.

Who is Melvin Townsend III?

Melvin Townsend III has a long criminal history, which was recently made public. He had previously been convicted of fraud, grand theft, burglary, drugs possession, and the trafficking of stolen property. In 2018, Townsend broke into a house and stole a trailer, which he then hooked up to his truck. He’s also been accused with possessing oxycodone. Official documents do not disclose any extra information, but he spent 20 and 15 months in prison, respectively.

What did Melvin Townsend III do to Mike Tyson?

On the plane, Mike Tyson hit Melvin Townsend in the face, injuring him. Despite Tyson’s repeated requests for him to calm down, he remained a staunch fan who continued to speak in his ear. According to witnesses, Tyson was first unconcerned about all of his followers on the plane asking for photos. He gave his consent and even posed for photos with them. Melvin Townsend, who sat behind Tyson in the row, was smitten with him. The boxer was patient at first, but as Melvin Townsend irritated him, he became enraged and punched him multiple times. Melvin Townsend was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, and police were called.


Witnesses allege Tyson fled the plane seconds after punching the victim, according to a video obtained by an online news website. Two anonymous passengers were taken off the plane by San Francisco officers, who also handed over a video of the incident to San Mateo County cops.