Are Desus and Mero splitting? The truth behind the rumors 

‘Desus & Mero’ Split Up


If the sources are to be believed, then the show Desus and Mero won’t be continuing on Showtime anymore, it was a very famous late-night talk show, the reason for this is apparently, the split between the hosts, Bodega Boys has decided to go separate ways and won’t be seen together thus the show won’t continue on Showtime, the news of the split of their favorite hosts have deeply shocked the fans.  

Over the years, the duo have made a name for themselves and earned a place in the industry with their podcast Bodega Boys, Desus vs Mero, and their now-canceled talk show.

The fans of Desus Nice and Kid Mero are pained to know that they are parting ways.


Greg Endries/Showtime

What has happened between Desus and Mero?

The announcement that the show Desus and Mero won’t be returning for another season was made on the official handle of the show on Twitter, on the day when the final episode of season 4 aired, that is the 23rd of June, it is stated that Desus and Mero will now be going separate ways to pursue individual projects, the creators of the show had made the revelation in response to the rumors circulating on the internet regarding the future of the show, the fourth season, which became the last season of the show, had 15 episodes in total. Although it is noteworthy that neither Desus nor mero chose to say anything regarding the announcement.

Who are Desus and Mero?

If the sources from the sun are to believed, Desus and Mero after passing out from college had began working in the print ,media, particularly in newspaper like Vice, noisey, among others, lster they went ahead and launched their own the bodega boys podcast and with the help of that they amassed a sizable following on social media, by the december of 2014, they had another podcast up and running, Desus vs Mero.