Addison Rae Jumps Into The Viral Handstand Trend

Addison Rae


After famous tik tok Addison Rae stepped in the viral handstand trend on the short video platform of Tiktok, her fans are going crazy, while tik tok is a place for even the most ridiculous of things can go viral, the handstand trend has got many users trying it out and uploading their videos, people are really liking the trend and even celebrities like Addison are unable to resist it.

What Is The Viral Trend 

In the viral trend called the handstand challenge, where everyone is all crazy about it and trying to do the challenge as they record themselves and post their videos on the platform of tiktok. Though the popular celebrity had her own unique way to do this challenge, she was seen at the beach in a bikini style swimming suit and her fans are all head over heels for that video.


Addison Raes Viral Video About The Handstand Challenge Trend 

When the handstand trend went viral on tiktok, many tried their hands at the trending challenge that was getting popular every moment, Tiktok’s very own and famous star Addison Rae couldn’t resist but try this challenge herself.

The popular star was recently at the beaches of Bahama, in the tiktok we can see her in a bikini as she sets down a mat and attempts to do a handstand, she gracefully gets her legs up in the air as she carefully balanced her on hands, she maintains the position for a few seconds before she lithely bends back.

Her fans are now all going nuts about this latest tiktok.


Fans Of Addison Rae React To Her Performing The Handstand Challenge 

Many celebrities made this handstand challenge video and uploaded it on tiktok, but none could do it with the style and grace of Addison Rae, who gave this challenge a completely new look by attempting on the beach of the Bahamas in a swimsuit.