Fans on Twitter troll a viral video of the Island Boys boxing.

The Island Boys are masters at creating negative publicity. They’ve attracted some heat this time for a video in which they try to box against each other. The video, which was first published on the account of island boy ‘FlySoulja,’ has been picked up by several websites. And the locals haven’t been particularly friendly.


In the boxed display, the thirty-second twins can be seen raising fists in the air and making fighting sounds, while offscreen, you can hear “tell ’em everyone where they can book you.” The twins then began promoting their cameo appearance by uploading another boxing video to their Kodiakred account, complete with the same cameo pitch.

On Twitter, the brothers have been teased.

In comments on the videos and on Twitter, the brothers have been insulted. I fooled myself for seeing two feral cats fight,” CoreyB, a co median and boxer, came in swinging, saying “S***.”

Bradley Martyn, a fitness influencer, simply said, “What?” on watching this viral video.

Another commenter speculated, “Perhaps I punished Bryce Hall too hard,” referring to the Bryce Hall feud now brewing over a rumoured 2v1 match.

Bryce Hall also made an unsubstantiated assertion on Twitter, without referencing the boxing footage, that the fight between them has been confirmed. Former MMA bantamweight champion Tara LaRosa was also seen commenting on the tapes. The narrator asks, “Could someone kindly feed those ffs?”

The lads have yet to respond to the outpouring of support, and there has been no confirmation from them as to whether this video showed them truly prepping for a combat against another social media star, or simply an attempt to earn the Cameo bag.