Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley for the third time? All the details here

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In recent news, Jake Paul’s boxing company hinted that the former YouTuber will be pitted against Tyron Woodley, there is a list of fighters who we are guessing could be seen in a match against Jake Paul, but is the possibility of Tyron Woodley fighting jake Paul true? Read ahead to find out.

Jake Paul eager for a fight

Jake Paul and the sensational and eye-catching upward trend of his boxing career is something that cannot go unnoticed for long, so far his record has been studded with one victory after another making fans wonder who will he face next, Paul is also interested in a worthy opponent who provides fierce opposition.

Jake was very interested in facing the British boxer Tom Fury in the ring, but due to some legal issues, Fury is not allowed inside US  territory, as shared by him in a press conference, effectively postponing his showdown with Jake indefinitely.

Jake Paul against Tyron Woodley

The Company representing jake Paul, Most Valuable Promotions in its recent statement hinted that Jake will be seen against Tyron Woodley in the boxing ring, yesterday the company posted that there is a request for a third round between the youtuber turned boxer and Tyron Woodley, while it may well be a sarcastic comment, this could also mean that we will see jake and Tyron once again facing off.


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Fans response to the possibility of Jake vs Tyron 3

A lot of fans of both the stars are excited at the possibility of Jake and Tyron facing each other for the third time in the ring, Jake who entered the industry with his sensational bouts against KSI, and Tyron who is a UFC pro, we saw Jake face off against Tyron for the first time in the month of August last year and again near the end of the year in December.