Why do fans criticize Valerie’s elimination? What is Love Island USA?

Love Island USA


Love Island is a famous show based on United States stars. This Sunday, 24th July 2022 a new episode of the show Love Island was telecasted. The newcomer Valerie was terminated when there was a recoupling session going on. We can see from the show that a few days after entering Valerie’s house/villa was eliminated from the competition. This is when Sereniti, Mady, Radziszewski, and Tyler were selected as a couple by Isaiah. The fans show their dissatisfaction when Mady was selected instead of Valerie as it led to the termination of Valerie from the Love Island show. 

The Love Island goes around the theme where 10 islanders who were searching for companion and love gets an entry into the villa at the commencement of the show. After the show begin till now, five noobs or newcomers were part of the competition. Each elimination comes with more drama and recoupling rounds. 

What happened in the latest episode of Love Island in the USA?

In the most recent episode of Love Island, the contestants on the show made new pairings before the termination round after the original one that they had. From the previous episode of Love Island, the fans got an idea that female participants are going to be eliminated from the show. The fans got this idea as there was Tyler’s introduction provided. It was very intriguing to see how the connections changed drastically between the couples. This also influenced some relationships as there were more men in comparison to women. 

We can observe the contestant’s interactions amongst themselves throughout the program. It was evident that Deb was sad and disappointed when Valerie chose Jesse as her companion instead of him. However, Jesse also faced criticism from the audience due to his tendency of playing on both sides. 


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Why does Valerie’s early elimination from Love Island USA make viewers sad?

The fact that Valerie had an early departure made all the viewers disappointed and sad at the same time. The fans were enraged due to her sudden elimination of her. 


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What were the reactions of fans?

There was a division of group among the fans when Valerie was eliminated. Some fans said that Mady should be eliminated not Valerie. Another user wrote that there was a possibility Mady would have come back home. Adding to that, one user said, Valerie would have given enough content for the show for which Isaiah should have kept her.  Another piece of content wrote that Valerie’s content was stolen from all the fans. Then there were some users who wrote that there are females and sexism in the show.