Shakira, to face time behind bars for tax fraud? All details here

Shakira Tax Fraud

The Columbian singing sensation Shakira may soon be facing time behind the bars as punishment as accusations of very Large tax fraud are being leveled at her in the country of Spain, she is said to have engaged in underhand methods to avoid paying the rightful taxes, which roughly total up to 14.8 million euros, apart from the 8 and a half years of time spent in jail, if the accusations turn out to be true, the Shakira will also be made to pay a fine of a staggering amount of 23 million euros, the hearing for the case will begin the coming week in a court of justice near Barcelona. 

 Shakira’s failure to get the case dismissed

During the month of May, the Latin American star had made an attempt to get the case dismissed even before the hearing commences, but all her efforts seemed to be in vain when the attempts failed and the court refused to dismiss the case against her, it is also reported that the singer had also refused to participate in a deal offered by the judicial ministry of Spain that would have allowed for the matter to be settled without the involvement of any courts, the singer claims that the prosecution has indulged in underhand methods and have tried to pressurize her into a bargain, although despite the recent developments that have happened, Shakira has resolved that she will settle the matter once and for all, the alleged fraud is being said to have committed in the years between 2012 and 2014. It is also mentioned that during this time she had maintained a nominal residence in the city of Barcelona and was in a relationship with the football player Gerard Pique.


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The response from Shakira 

The actress tells that her time in Spain was very nominal and she had only permanently relocated to the country in the year 2015, she is willing to sit down and resolve any and all misunderstanding with the tax agencies.