What is the Swarmz Vs KSI fight date and event? Why does Youtube receive backlashes?

KSI Vs Swarmz Fight Date

The boxer KSI and the internet sensation are now ready to fight with his opponent called Swarmz. KSI has announced that KSI is searching for a potential competitor in the boxing ring to fight against. Now, the good news is he has finally found a new competitor for himself in the boxing ring. The name of the opponent is Swarmz. Do you want to know when the fight is scheduled to occur? 

Read the whole article to know about KSI boxer and Swarmz along with other details. 

KSI and his previous opponent Alex Wassabi

If you are a boxing fan then you might be aware of how astonishing it is to see a good strong battle in the boxing ring. This is why KSI, was looking for a good opponent for a long time to battle against in the boxing ring. As per the information provided by our sources we got to learn that KSI was expected to have a fight with Alex Wassabi. The match was expected to be in August. 


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27th August 2022 it was fixed that Alex Wassabi and KSI are scheduled to have a fight in the boxing ring. However, the fight didn’t happen as another new competitor is going to take the palace of the old one, Alex. Though it’s not surprising that any scheduled match is rescheduled with a new competitor or date. 

Why was Alex Wassabi replaced?

KSI and Alex Wassabi’s fight is nowhere near to happening anytime again. We have a new competitor for KSI, the champion is Swarmz. Yes, you read it right, Swarmz is going to be the opponent of KSI. Now fans are awaiting the match again. However, they are very much inquisitive to know when the fight is going to occur and the place it is going to be held. KSI and Alex’s fight is not going to occur due to the latter’s medical reasons. Fans are inquisitive about whether the fight is going to happen at the same venue and time which was fixed for Alex and KSI. If that’s true that there is no rescheduling of the new fight between the former then we will let you know about that too. 


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When is KSI and Swarmz going to happen?

The fight is going to take place on the same date as that was scheduled for Alex Wassabi and KSI’s fight. Yes, boxing lovers can be ready to see another ferocious battle that is going to be held on August 27th. The address of the venue is O2, Arena, London.  


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