Fans angry over Lizzo’s new song, demand Lizzo to “remove” the Grrrls track over the use of an ableist slur


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Lizzo, a three-time Grammy winner, is being criticized by the fans for her new song, Grrrls, which contains an ableist insult. When the song was just released, fans were upset. Netizens have since requested that the pop star change the lyrics.

With the frequent shoutouts by the pop rapper Cardi B and her Tik Tok popularity, Lizzo became one of the pop queens of the industry. Her number-one hit, About Damn Time, received widespread notice. Since then, several dance choreographies for her songs have surfaced on the internet.


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Lizzo’s most recent single was expected to be a fan favorite. It has, however, received negative feedback. 

What was in the lyrics which made Lizzo’s song so offensive?

“Spastic” is a medical term for muscular spasms induced by excessive muscle tones. High muscular tone is a condition that affects people who have immobility. Many people were perplexed as to how one of the world’s most famous singers could overlook a slur in her song. Users on the internet slammed her music agency, management and publishers.

According to The Mighty, almost 77 percent of people with cerebral palsy suffer from spastic muscles. As a result of this, people’s muscles contract. Muscle twitching and reduced mobility are other possible side effects. People who are uncomfortable, extremely emotional, and “uncool” are referred to as “sp*zz.” netizens are now demanding for the song to be taken down and to be released again without the slur which is very offensive to the people. 

“Hello, @lizzo “Your new song makes me pretty angry + sad,” one Twitter user wrote, adding that Lizzo’s term was a “ableist slur.” “My disability Cerebral Palsy is literally classified as Spastic Diplegia (where spasticity refers to unending painful tightness in my legs) your new song makes me pretty angry + sad,” wrote another.