Fact Check: Is Dwayne Johnson dead? 

Dwayne Johnson

Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images

The death hoax is increasing day by day. Nowadays social media is full of jokes and memes another added is a death hoax. Many stars have faced this death hoax, and this made every fan worried. Stars like Tom Holland and many more. Another name added to the list is Dwayne Johnson. 

The famous actor’s fans were fallen into the trap of Dwayne passing away due to social media. Several posts were posted on social media stating that he has passed away. In the year 2022, the actor is doing great. 

Is Dwayne Johnson healthy?

Yes, fortunately, Dwayne Johnson is doing great and well. The death hoax occurred after a Facebook Page was posted with the title RIP Dwayne Johnson. After the post was uploaded fans started believing it. The news spread after the post went live. It created a buzz and grabbed everyone’s attention as everyone thought Dwayne passed away. The post’s caption added more fire to the part by stating, that the loved actor Dwayne Johnson died on July 18th, 2022, Monday around 11 am ET. Adding to that, the actor was born in Hayward. Everyone will miss the rock. To increase its popularity they said, to express their sadness by commenting on it. 

Millions of people followed this trend and accepted the false news. They started giving their sympathy and condolences.  

Dwayne Johnson

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Dwayne Johnson is very popular on social media

Dwayne Johnson has always remained very active on his social media profiles. He has always participated and engaged with all his followers. Recently, the actor Dwayne Johnson has just promoted his next beverage, named Black Adam Zoa, this was done after a partnership, occurred with Zoa Drinks and DC Comics. However, the exact release date of the beverage is not aware, but the rock commented this will occur somewhere in September. The cans will be given to the attended during San Diego Comic-Con and the street team of the brand will be marketing the drink. Also, a few lucky ones will be able to get the beverages before the release. However, the procedure is not known yet.  

Johnson now became a member of DC Comics as Black Adam and his single will be launched on 21 October 2022. This is the date when the movie will be out to the public. Fans are waiting for the star’s debut as The Rock. He is recently seen promoting the movie a lot on its social media pages.