TikTok: Brown Noise Already Declared Viral On Tiktok


 If your attention span has been destroyed during the pandemic due to short video apps like Tiktok, well this time in a surprising turn of events, a viral trend that has started on tiktok which claims to help people get back their focus and improve how well they are able to relax, people were previously claiming white noise as one true source of help for this, but now their opinion has shifted rapidly towards what is being described as brown noise. 

The Brown Noise That Is Going Viral 

The frequency of a sound, or how many times a sound wave repeats itself in a timespan of one second, it has a vital role to play in how the sound affects the mood of a person, including his ability to relax, let us see why it is trending. 


Why Is Brown Noise Getting So Trendy?

 Now with the brown noise getting all viral on tiktok, let us find out what is this noise how does it differ from its white counterpart, the white noise are the frequencies that are audible to you played at a single and same intensity while on the other hand, brown noise is very similar to white noise in nature but the only difference among them is that brown noise is deeper than the white noise. Brown noise also boasts a comparatively lower reach than its white counterpart when compared on the basis of sound spectrum, thus making it more relaxing.

 Users Reaction To The Viral And Trendy Brown Noise On Tiktok 

Many users jumped into the viral trend and began making and uploading short videos of themselves on the platform, although this is not the first time anybody has come in touch with brown noise, it has been on the youtube for a very long time, its just that the noise going viral on tiktok has given it far more exposure and a very large audience, it is named after the famous botanist in history, Robert Brown, people find brown noise more effective than white noise.