Drake’s first girlfriend Keshia Shante reunites with him at the Ovo Fest

Keshia Chante? Drake

Photo by Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET

Something very interesting and nostalgic happened at the October World Weekend, for the Canadian Singing Sensation Drake when he had got the chance to reestablish connection with his former girlfriend, Keshia Shante, the first woman with whom he had a serious relationship. Many from the crowd were shocked yet happy at the same time when in the middle of his Canadian All Stars Performance, Drake took a pause as he gave a short monologue about someone from the singers past, he told how he would travel far in the West with his mother for the sole reason to see this person, he felt that duty falls on him to introduce this person to the audience himself, as Keshia Shante, who, as per the claims made by Drake was his first serious girlfriend. The crowd, which had gathered at the History venue in the city of Toronto to see the October World Weekend, erupted in cheers when Drake went ahead and gave a hug to Keshia, who then went ahead to perform a few of her singles live for the audience. The fans of the Canadian Singer Drake had long been speculating that keshia is the Kiki in the 2016 song of Drake, in my feelings.

Photo by Bennett Raglin/BET/Getty Images for BET


Keshia Shante, the first girlfriend of Drake, praises him on Instagram

Keshia Shante, who happens to be the first girlfriend of the Canadian Singer Drake, took to the social media and photo sharing platform of Instagram and went ahead to praise the Canadian Weekend and Drake in particular, she dubbed the event as the legendary nights in Toronto, she also mentioned that this was a dream come true and only possible by someone like Drake, she also went ahead to thank for the heartfelt introduction of her to the audience. For the scale and enormity of the event, the Canadian Weekend went ahead in full swing without any hiccups, Drake had left no stone unturned and had invited various loved and famous musicians from all across the country, which included the likes of Glenn Lewis, Jully Black and Maestro Fresh among others.    


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