What is Lady Gaga’s opinion about abortion rights? She said during the Washington Show.  

Lady Gaga spoke about abortion

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The abortion rights moment has created a buzz recently. It comes with lots of controversies and also reveals the true identity of some personalities. Lady Gaga also shared her opinion on the same. She took a brief moment out of her latest performance to tell about her school of thought. She showed her support for gay marriages and also for abortion rights.  She addressed this through her speech on stage. 

Lady Gaga openly showed her buttress for abortion rights

Recently, Lady Gaga gave her performance at the Chromatic Ball Concert. This happened on Monday, in the darkness of Washington DC. The singer also ignited the fire among the audience by disclosing her upcoming shows that are expected to be on the summer tour. This will be committed fully to the rights of women’s reproduction. As per the Twitter clip being circulated on the social media platform, Lady Gaga disclosed the secret while performing. She did it while giving her 2011 hitmaker,  The edge of glory. 

She further said that she wants to dedicate this song. She does it to all the women living in the United States. She prays that this country (its people) will raise their voice and they will stick together until they will stop doing all this for every woman presented there. 

The 36-year-old star also mentioned waiting for the whole country to raise their voices against it. Some might know but Lady Gaga here was giving reference to the controversial burning fire case of Roe v. Wade case.  On June 24th, there was a judgment provided by the Supreme Court. In nutshell, we can say, the US’s every state now possesses the right to set its law related to the legality of abortions. Although, after that 25 states snatched away the right of citizens’ access to safe abortion.  


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Gaga continued sharing her thoughts and also raised a question for the same. She said what will happen to all those victims of rape who get pregnant because of that? And about those women who are going to lose their lives during childbirth? She ended the speech by saying that no matter after that a star is born, she also apologized and said I didn’t want to be a downer. She said she felt crucial to address this issue.