Tesla Owner Elon Musk’s Daughter Files For A Name Change And Disowns Him 

ddp images / Sipa USA via AP file

One of Elon Musk’s children with his first wife Justine Musk has made a move to court, whose name she did not wish to be revealed for reasons of privacy has made it clear in her petition that she did not wish to associate with her biological father in anyway possible and wants her name changed to her mother’s maiden name.

The 18-year old filed the petition to have herself officially recognized as a female and her mother’s maiden name as her own surname was made in the superior court of California state, and the hearing upon the matter is all set to take place near the end of the month.

TMZ was the first one to get their hands on the story of Elon’s child filing such a case and it soon spread like wildfire on the apps like twitter and reddit.

Elon Musk Reaction To The News Of His Child Changing The Name

The Daily beast had also tried their hand to get some comment from the Tesla CEO in regard to his daughter applying for a name change, although the Billionaire responded that if she does not wish to come out in the spotlight then it is very important to respect her privacy and how its very unethical to expose someone like that.

Although Elon’s first wife Justine or the 18-year-old in question did not wish to make any particular comments to any media outlet, Justine took to twitter as the story spread, about how both she and her daughter are very proud of the latter.

Response From The National Lgbtq Task Force

The spokesperson for the National LGBTQ task force came in support Elon’s child, she told that they could never condone the outing of someone just because the parents of the aforementioned are rich and famous.

She also went ahead to say that how this should be eye opener for the Space X CEO as he has history of homophobic remarks, particular about the usage of pronouns.

Justine had separated from Musk and as a successful novelist, had raised her children out of the limelight and public eye.