Kim Kardashian wants to shower with Pete Davidson, and shares intimate pics of the couple online.


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Kim Kardashian to the delight of her many fans posted intimate pics of her enjoying her time with her boyfriend Pete Davidson only a few hours after the trailer for the second season of Hulu’s the Kardashians went public

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson share intimate pics

Kim Kardashian, who boasts a following of roughly around 324 million, shared a post on her Instagram which had multiple of pics of Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Pete Davidson, the pictures are intimate in nature and the couple could be seen relaxing at what is presumably the Palm Springs Home belonging to Kourtney Kardashian, in one of the pictures that she uploaded, she could be seen showing off her thighs and toned legs, she could be seen chilling in a flimsy black bikini that revealed a lot of skin, her curves were complemented by the dress she wore as she could be seen next to her boyfriend Pete Davidson near the pool of the Palm Springs home.

Pete Davidson, who wasn’t far behind, also put on a display of his tattooed body as he was seen without a shirt in all the pictures that Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram account.


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Hulu drops the trailer for the second season of the Kardashians

It’s not even three complete weeks since the run of the first seasons of the Kardashians ended on Hulu, and now we are shown the trailer for the second season of the Kardashians, as could be seen in the trailer, we can see Kim Kardashian talk about her blooming romance with Pete Davidson.

We can also see Pete Davdison, who had been a star at the Saturday Night Live, make a short appearance in the trailer, Kim Kardashian could be seen asking he wants to join her for a shower.

A lot of aspects of the family of Kardashians and Jenners will be featured in the show like their modelling career among other things.