The TikTok hoodie illusion: A viral video and an optical illusion that perplexes viewers Illusion  

In April, TikTok member Christian Kesniel published a video that has perplexed millions of viewers who have watched it on their For You Page.


In the video, Christian is seen dancing to a version of the viral sea shanty ‘Wellerman,’ which was quite popular on the app in 2021. Near the end of the film, there are multiple copies of him dancing, each wearing a different colourful sweatshirt, and the figures spin and change places.

However, viewers were bewildered as they watched the video because it was a perfect loop. Despite the fact that the green hoodie starts the movie at the front row, when the group rotates positions, the green hoodie looks to impossibly return to the front row.

On TikTok, the hoodie illusion is explained.

@christiankesniel go go power rangers dc:@buqicrew_official ♬ Sea Shanty Medley – Home Free

A video by TikTok user Christian Kesniel featuring many copies of himself dancing in hoodies has racked up over 40 million views, leaving viewers perplexed as to how the mind-boggling technique works.


After looking closer and watching the movie numerous times, people discovered that the hoodies were all gradually changing colour during the movie. Many people miss the transformation the first time around because it is so slow, but they soon catch on.

@mumjess #duet with @christiankesniel ♬ Sea Shanty Medley – Home Free

You can examine how the seemingly impossible illusion works by watching each hoodie separately while replaying the video. “So yes, I just had to watch it a few times just to see how the jackets’ colours change,” one comment with over 100,000 likes read.

“This is amazing!” I exclaim, “My mind is a tangled mess.” “OK, I’ve seen this maybe 30 times, and it still f***s my brain!” one person exclaimed. The original video has received over 40 million views and 4.8 million likes. A TikTok user went viral last year after showing users a beanie she bought that changed colour totally based on the lighting.