Rahman Jr reverts to Paul amid the cancellation of the fight

Rahman Jr claps

Hasim Rahman Jr. reverts to Paul’s reply amid the cancellation of the fight that was scheduled to take place. They had a cold war (of words) before having a hot war (fight on the ground). The cold war took place on social media between Jake Paul and Hasim Rahman Jr. we can observe that this sudden cancellation of the fight has now taken a new turn between Paul and Hasim. They both are blaming each other for not happening the scheduled fight. 

Read the article to know what revert Rahman Jr gave in the context of the fight not happening. 

Hasim Rahman Jr. and Jake Paul’s fight this August

Jake Paul is recently becoming famous as a professional boxer in their field. He is considered a worthy competitor. His fight irrespective of with whom always caught the eyes of the media. Another fight that caught the eyes of the media was Jake Paul’s fight with another veteran boxer known as Hasim Rahman Jr. the fight was expected to take place at the Madison Square Garden on 6th August. 

Though now we can say this battle is not going to occur any time soon. This made many of their fans disappointed and they wish to know the reason. However, the reason is yet revealed. Both the parties on social media are putting blame on each other for the sudden cancellation of their fight. Some time back Paul did give his reaction to the cancellation of a fight with Hasim; however, this response did not get along with Paul’s response. 

What was Jake Paul’s reason to cancel the fight?

Jake’s company, Most Valuable Promotions gave the announcement about their fight scenario. They disclosed that the fight between Jake Paul and Rahman Jr. is not going to take place. The news broke on social media with several assumptions about the cancellation of the fight.  They also broke out the news that the fight is not going to be rescheduled or a new opponent is not going to be there. However, the good news for all the fans who bought the ticket is that you will have your money refund. 

The first reason for the cancellation of his fight came from Jake. The video which was uploaded claimed Rahman Jr. was not reducing their weight of 205 pounds. Hashim wished to set the limits to be 215 pounds. This was the reason he backed off from the fight. 

How did Hasim respond to Paul’s reason?

The reason according to Rahman Jr. was that their team Paul canceled the fight, not theirs. As per the reports, a time frame of three and a half was mentioned in the contract, in which they will come down to 200 pounds. However, with the provided time they will only have 215 pounds.