Who is Zaira Nucci? Tiktok Sensation Khaby Lame’s girlfriend 

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Zaira Nucci is Tiktok Sensation Khaby Lame’s girlfriend, she is also an interior designing student and a well known face on the social media app Instagram, Khaby, who during the lockdown began producing his hilarious content on tiktok where he would usually react to seemingly complex life hacks and provide ironically easy solutions to those featured in the life hack videos.

In recent news, Khaby has claimed the title of the tiktoker with the most followers from Charli D’Amelio and thus he is the eye candy of the netizens on social media, receiving all sorts of attention.

Khaby Lame’s girlfriend, Zaira Nucci, is a Interior Design Student

19 year old Zaira Nucci is a student pursuing the studies of interior designing and a well recognized face on the social media of Instagram, we know that her birthday is on the 22nd of February in the year 2003, Zaira is currently a student at IED Milan, Istituto Europeo di Design, founded by Francesco Morelli in the year of 1966, it offers studies in the field of interior design, fashion design, visual communication, and as well as management.

19-year-old Zaira seems more focused on her education as she is not seen very active in posting social media content

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Khaby lame’s girlfriend Zara Nucci, her social media handle.

The romantic partner of Khaby lame does have an account on Tiktok where she has a following of around 59000 people, she has a total of six videos on the platform, the latest one dating back to the November of 2021, she hasn’t been very active on the video sharing service.

She also has an Instagram which boasts a following of 158000 people, although she has made it private and as it appears has no intentions of making it public again.



Khaby Lame, the most popular tiktok star

Khaby lame now boasts the title of being the most followed account on tiktok after he got more followers than even Charli D’Amelio