I didn’t abuse dogs, someone set me up, says Ceasar Emmanuel 


Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

In a footage that surfaced recently, where Ceasar Emmanuel was seen relentlessly trying to attack a dog with a folding chair, we also seen the dog then being locked and caged, rolled down a hill.

VH1 broke all ties from Ceasar Emmanuel after he was spotted in the video abusing the dogs. The media house released a statement which clearly stated that they now have nothing to do with Ceasar Emmanuel and he will not be seen in further seasons of the show Black Ink Crew New York, they also mention that since the shooting for the previous is almost complete, his departure won’t be hampering it.

Walter Moosley, the attorney who’s representing Ceasar Emmanuel for the case although addressed that the man that could be seen in the video is indeed Ceasar himself, he said that Ceasar Emmanuel was trying to protect some smaller animals from vicious dogs.

Ceasar Emmanuel, the dog lover 

Walter went on to say that how Ceasar has been a passionate animal lover all his life, with a history of having a lot of dogs and a variety of other animals as pets, what actually happened was bigger, vicious dogs were attacking some smaller dogs, and as Walter admits, that although not the best way in which the situation could have been handled, Ceasar Emmanuel was trying to save the smaller dogs, he went on to say how that part of the video went unnoticed and it was probably not the wisest way to deal with the situation at hand.

What is Ceasar Emmanuel’s show Black Ink Crew New York all about?

The show is based on the daily activities and events that happen in the Black Ink Tattoo, a Manhattan based tattoo parlor owned by Ceasar Emmanuel, he also has several branches in Atlanta, Orlando and Brooklyn.

Ceasar had been a part of the show right when its first episode hit the TV screens in the year 2013