What is TikTok’s AI green screen trend? Explained 

TikTok’s AI Green Screen

Credit: TikTok


There are lots of trends that are built on TikTok every day. Millions of trends and challenges are created on social media platforms. It comes with lots of variety. Some trends go viral daily and remain popular for months. Another new trend is born on TikTok called the ‘AI Green Screen’. This is the trend that is loved by all users. If you are not aware of the trend then you will find about it in the whole article. Here is how you can use it. Here is everything about the TikTok new trend called ‘AI Green screen’.  

AI Green Screen trend explained

TikTok is a great platform where you will receive plenty of new trends and challenges every day. It also comes with many filters which makes the videos more fun and happening.  The new trend of ‘AI Green Screen’ is also a filter that makes every user go crazy and engage with it. This trend has made millions of users try it and also many hashtags are there with it. We have a million views of this filter on TikTok. Although, if you haven’t seen that trend yet then here are details about it. The AI Green Screen, that filter requires you to write something that is going on your mind. After this, it will turn the text into art. There is an option through which you can even write any name on it and then you will find beautiful art coming out of it by the AI. 


How to use the trend?

This trend on TikTok is a filter that is available on every user’s application. All you require to do in this trend is to open your application (TikTok profile). You have to click the plus button after that select the ‘Effects’. After this you have to enter the AI Green Screen filter then you will find this filter in front of you. 


After this filter is ready to use, you can have a search bar available on this filter also. After this, you can write whatever you think you want to. It can be anything including your or someone’s name which comes to your imagination. Then the filter will create art out of it. 

How did the users react to this filter?

It is always joyful to recreate TikTok challenges. Filters are very easy to apply and the most engaging to use. Thai filters come with confusing art sometimes. Some get a pretty clear image and some are still figuring out its meaning.