American singer Naomi Judd’s death investigation is now reversed.

Naomi Judd's death

Tennessee’s high court withdrew a ruling that required police to publicly release their investigation of country singer Naomi Judd’s death. (AP Images)

The American singer Naomi Judd committed suicide on 30 April 2022 at the age of 76, 

A big disagreement between the high court and the Supreme Court regarding releasing the record.

Tennessee high court withdrew a judgment in which the police are required to release their investigation publicly regarding the suicide case of Naomi Judd, but the Supreme Court is still confused about releasing the records publicly.

However, the case is sent to The high court again for another hearing.

Naomi Judd’s family stands on releasing the investigation records publicly.

In August, releasing family filed a petition to seal the investigation documents and recordings made during the investigation and not made public.  

According to the Family of Naomi Judd, the documents which were collected during the investigation contain things which can cause Trauma and unbearable harm to the family.

The petition was filed in Williamson County Chancery Court in Tennessee.

Joseph. The Chancellor of the Williamson County Chancery court ruled the decision against the Judd family on 31 August by saying there is nothing harmful in the report, but Tennessee Supreme Court is not satisfied with the Chancellor’s decision.

On Thursday, the Tennessee Supreme Court said that the Chancellor doesn’t have any right to tell which record is public and which one is private without a hearing and then the Supreme Court send the case again to Chancellor for re-hearing.

Meanwhile, Daughters of the Late singer Naomi Judd gives a tribute to their mother.

Wynonna and Ashley daughters of the Late American singer give a tribute to her mother’s legacy by having a tour to 11 different city fans are also giving them a chance to take their mother’s legacy forward.