As Roe Wade overturns, Lizzo to donate 500k $ for planned parenting


Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for American Express

As the Supreme Court of America rolled out its new ruling that over turned Roe vs Wade case result that was a historic move guaranteeing abortion rights to American women, the ‘About damn time’ singer Lizzo declared that she will be pledging 500k $ for the cause of planned parenting

Lizzo’s announcement to donate 500k to planned parenting and abortion rights

As the US apex turned the historic roe vs wade case which left it to the state government to ban or allow abortion, the pop singer Lizzo came forward to pledge 500k $ for planned parenthood and abortion rights. She also revealed that her donations will be matched alongside with the entertainment company Live nation will also be making a donation of the same amount to make a total of 1 million $.

The collected money is intended to be of aid to those in need in an around the United States as well as across the globe

Lizzo had chosen the social media app Instagram to share the news about the charity she will be making from the earnings of her upcoming tour, she also requested her fans to make a generous donation on her site and sign the petition to ban off my body.

The Roe vs Wade Historic Case.

In this 1973 historic case, which has been reversed by the Supreme Court, has now left many women at risk of being unable to abort unwanted pregnancies. This has caused great outrage among the public and has led to widespread protests across the United States.