Cordae And Naomi Osaka broke up?

 Cordae And Naomi Osaka broke up?

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On social media news about break-ups and patches up goes on and on. Another rumor is going on about the relationship between Codae and Naomi Osaka. It is observed recently that there is not a perfect situation that is going on between Cordoe, the rapper who is in a relationship with Naomi Osaka, who is a tennis player (Japenese). Both the people are having a relationship for the past 3 years and now it seems that their paradise is not going well. Recently, the Japanese tennis player posted something mysterious on his social media account which ignited the smoke of controversy. 

There are new rumors going on between the YBN Cordoe commonly known as Cordoe, and the tennis player Naomi Osaka have broken up. As soon as the hearsay spread on the internet Twitter is now flooded with hundreds of questions and opinions. The new Wolverine is observed supporting the 24-year-old rapper during the performance. The performance took place at Lollapalooza. Who was widely mocked for being the culprit behind the breakup and Naomi ditched because of the person? However, both Naomi and Cardoe has kept their mouth shut on this matter as they haven’t announced anything related to their separate path. However, the latter has stopped following the musician, rapper through his social media accounts via Instagram and Twitter. This ignited the fire between them.  

Have Cordae and Naomi Osaka gone separate paths?

 Though no green signal is given by both the parties regarding their break up a hint was given. Naomi, the tennis player though has given a signal about their breakup with Cordoe. The hint was provided by a tweet which was later deleted by the same, as per the reports of SportsKeeda. The legendary four-time Grand winner wrote the caption, that if a person has to continuously remind someone that he is a decent guy, there is a 1000 times chance that he actually is not. Through his social media account, the Japanese player has hinted at the break up on the other hand Cordoe has remained quiet on this matter. 

The Japanese tennis player has deleted a few of her pictures that she had uploaded some time back with Cordoe. In addition to that, there is also unfollowing by the Carolina native on social media. Both Naomi and Cardoe have discussed their opinion to keep their dating private while giving an interview. The interview was held by GQ in the year 2021, February. They told everyone that they kept their relationship private for almost a year, keeping it away from everyone’s eyes. The statement was given by Cordoe and then also commented that a relationship should be kept private as it is a special thing.