VIDEO: A Viral video showing Luke Bryan falling on stage

Luke Bryan Falls

Giving a live performance can be risky and challenging. Nowadays, any live performance is incomplete without mistakes done. It can be having issues with the microphone or sometimes the audience not giving good feedback like booing. However, it’s up to the performer how he/she handles the situation. Mishappening is natural but how the performer handles it is what makes a person a star. However, no one can handle such a situation more gracefully than Luke Bryan.

The scenario was that Luke Bryan fall on the stage by mistake, but he soon got up back and showed his power. The singer fell to the ground which made the audience worried and then he stands up again with a smile. This made the audience feel more energetic and enthusiastic.

What was the real scenario behind Luke Bryan falling?

The accident happened when the performer was performing in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was singing ‘That’s my kind of knight’ when he was entertaining the audience with a variety of moves. The audience gave a round of applause for his work and energy. He was seen dancing to his song with an electrical wiretap around his shoes. This made him fall to the ground. However, the moment was quite serious as fans were worried about him. However, the singer was not quiet, he was singing and enjoying himself and entertaining the audience. He continues his performance even after his falling down, he managed to create the moment a comical yet seductive one.

He made the best of his moment falling by continuing the performance. He earned lots of respect and love for his move.


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How did Luke Bryan cover his falling down?

Bryan’s falling moment was embarrassing for sure but yes, he could make it look good. The vocalist decides to continue the performance by first staying on the ground with a pelvic thrust for a few seconds to gather him back. His management came in between the live performance to help him in standing back.

When Bryan stood up again, he performed a twerk-like posture which made the whole audience laugh. He did this by showing his back to the audience.

However, this humorous gesture made people laugh and forget about his embarrassing moment. People were loving his gesture of dancing and singing at the same time.

How do fans react to his embarrassing moment?

Fans gave a very positive reaction to his move by appreciating it. They praised him for his professional behavior. It gave a new fan base to the vocalist.