Drew Barrymore loves her “normal childhood”

Drew Barrymore loves her “normal childhood”


In the negativity search for light. Though currently, the internet has more fake and false news than positive ones. Fans are again told by Drew Barrymore that nature and its rain are beautiful. The show Drew Barrymore host posted a clip of her standing outside. She was candidly smiling and seen embracing the rain in a short clip. The video was posted on Sunday. The host and actress is 47 years old and wrote exuberantly, saying when you have to go out in the season of rain then this opportunity should not be missed.  

The internet is loving it and it’s becoming trending. On Instagram, it is on the top list where it has received more than 50,000 likes. On TikTok, it has got more than 2 million views.

Though this video has also received a mixed response. She enjoyed herself and become a matter of discussion for the people. Some upbraided the actress for showing off her wealth and the power she holds. 


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Some users wrote it is lucky that they can enjoy the rain without thinking much of rain. When there were trollers, some people were also supporting her. They told about the struggling days Barrymore faced. Another user wrote about his experience of playing out in the rain, and what it felt like. 

The user wrote about the past saying as far as he remembers he also used to look at the sky similarly, he says after watching the video he can experience what a proper childhood will look like. When he watched her, he was very happy and overjoyed for her. 

Another wrote that he cannot forget what hardships the actress went through due to being a star kid. He added that he thinks about it, the moment he thinks the actress is very lucky or blessed. 

About the actress and her past and family

The actress Barrymore mentioned her toxic past life. She talked about a violent alcoholic father. Drew Barrymore is her father of her, and her mother also faced difficulties when she was parenting. She also mentioned that at the young age of 9, her parents were separated. 

She also mentioned her positive outlook and energy. She mentioned to the Guardian in her in 2015 that she was very optimistic in her opinion. She was in the mud of negativity but still dreamt about a blissful and happy life at the age of 40.