Arielle Vandenberg departs from the fourth season of US love Island, and Sarah Hyland replaces her as host

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As you might already be knowing, the famous reality TV show love Island US is all set to return with its fourth season, however, the program has a bit of change coming in the new season, Arielle Vandenberg, who had acted as the host for the show since it aired for the first time three years back, won’t be coming back to resume the role, another noteworthy change is that the rights of the show have now been transferred to Peacock from CBS, Sarah Hyland is now all set to assume the role of the host of the Love Island US.

Why was Arielle Vandenberg made to leave the show?

After it was announced that Arielle Vandenberg won’t be seen as the host in the fourth season of Love Island the US, she took to her official handle on the photo sharing and social media app Instagram to clear things from her end and let everybody know what was the reason behind her sudden departure, in a post, she cleared while she had a very happy and pleasurable journey as the host of the Love Island US for three seasons. But since the takeover of the show by Peacock from CBS, the studio has been making attempts to completely give the show a makeover by replacing the host in order to create a new narrative, that is why she was removed and Sarah Hyland was added.

Arielle Vandenberg wasnt the only one to be replaced

As per the information revealed in the caption of the post of Arielle Vandenberg, she not only mentioned the reasons about why she was replaced with Sarah Hyland, but also told the audience that she wasnt the only one who was getting replaced, Matthew Hoffman, who had been playing the part of Narrator in the Love Island US, is also being let off the hook and will soon be replaced by someone else.   


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