Suranne Jones opens up after the gentleman jack series was cancelled

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In a very long statement issued by the actress, Suranne Jones talks to her fans about the cancelling of her Gentleman Jack Series as it won’t return for a third season on HBO.

Gentleman Jack Cancelled after 2 seasons 

Last Friday, it was announced by HBO, that the period drama Gentleman Jack isn’t renewed for a third season and is cancelled, the series featured Suranne Jones and Sophie riddler in the lead roles of Anne Lister and Ann Walker respectively.

43-year-old Suranne, who had also stared at Coronation Street, was deeply saddened by the news that gentleman jack won’t be returning for another season and is cancelled.

Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker and Suranne Jones as Anne Lister

Sophie Rundle as Ann Walker and Suranne Jones as Anne Lister ( Image: BBC/Lookout Point/Jay Brooks)

She took to Instagram as she talked about how she took a moment to reflect on the amazing journey that was working on the show gentleman jack, she also went on to talk about how it brought so many people together.

She talked about how the show had helped raise awareness about homosexuality and raise awareness about the person who was the first recognized lesbian in modern Britain, she went on to say that how the show has increased awareness which has led to a lot many things like building of statues and naming of colleges after Anne Lister. 

She went on to say that she had never been so deeply involved in a show and never any of them had been so close to her heart, she admitted that the going was tough, but she said that the response she got for the role was worth very moment of hard work she spent.

She expressed her thanks and gratitude for the love and support from the audience and the crew and made a special mention of her co star.

Suranne said she was 'sad' the show has been axed

Suranne said she was ‘sad’ the show has been axed ( Image: BBC/Lookout Point/HBO/Jay Brooks)

What was Gentleman Jack about

Gentleman jack was a show inspired by the life of anne lister who was businesswoman and apparently the first modern lesbian of her country