The Details Of The Kcon La 2022 Revealed


The Korean music festival KCON is all set to begin this year and the lineup of the performers is very exciting, KPOP fans very overwhelmed, and the fans are being teased with the prospect of a lot of surprises, here’s a list of all things you need to know to gear up for the biggest Korean Music festival in town.

The Dates For Kcon 2022 Are Announced

After an year of absence all thanks due to the pandemic, KCON returns with a bang and all the Korean Music fans around the world seem to go nuts over the news, with everyone instantly trying to get as much information as they can, as per the official websites of the KCON, after a long wait, the fans will get to see their favorite performers on stage, the grand Korean Music Festival begins on the 19th of August this year and will go on till the 21st of the month.

The Lineup For The Kcon 2022

This year not only is special because it has the KCON returning after the pandemic, but also because it marks the tenth anniversary of the KCON, to commemorate this special occasion, the CJ ENM company made public the list of those celebrities who will be making their presence known on the stages of the KCON 2022.

After what we now know thanks to the CJ ENM company’s announcement, we can list down who all you will be able to see perform at the KCON LA 2022.

Some of them are CRAVITY, ENHYPHEN, ITZY, NMIXX, THE BOYZ AND WSNJ, we would also have NCT DREAM, LOONA, T01, ATEEZ, INI and J01 amongst many others.

How And Where You Can Buy The Tickets For The Kcon 2022

With its arrival after the pandemic, the KCON has really excited the fans and they cant help but wait almost another one and a half month to see their favorite musicians on the stage, they already are exploring ways to get their hands on the tickets.

The sale begins at 27th of June at 2pm local time.