The video goes viral on TikTok of lightning striking the house of the tiktoker

Recently, on the short video-making and sharing app TikTok, a video has been going viral, it appears that a bolt of lightning struck a house while the TikTok was inside it, it was such a well-timed and rare event to be caught on camera, and TikTok is famous for trending all types of content, ranging from outright ridiculous, to extremely shocking, this video of the bolt of lightning strikes the house while the TikTok who caught it all on camera was inside is a rare and shocking event indeed.

House of TikTok gets hit by a bolt of lightning

It was any normal day for TikTok Chris, who was making content for her TikTok account as she was moving around the house, for Chris it was like any other day of her making TikTok content as she went on to record herself, while she was inside, the weather outside had been brewing up to the point of being stormy, that is when the force of nature chose to strike Chris house while she had been inside recording herself, with the bolt of lightning striking her house, multiple sections of the tiktokers home have been badly damaged and would require costly repairs, while you will be glad to know that the TikTok Chris is completely safe and is very far from harm.


The house of the tiktoker, what happened to it

When the wrath of nature strck Chris house in the form of lightning, she was at the entrance of the home and was moving for the living room to record herself there, this is when  the strike of the bolt of lighting was caught on camera, we could see the glass pain of the window turning orange, not much else was visible due to the sudden flash, when Chris deemed it safe enough to venture out, she moved outside to notice that the section beneath the window has been badly damaged.