Is Tom Holland dead? Has he passed away at such a young age?

Tom Holland

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Social media has the power to make people believe in things that are not real. People or users of social media applications can make anything trending and can ruin the reputation of any person.

Social media has again played its game in the terms of Tom Holland’s scenario. One tweet made the people believe that he is no more with us. Though this is not the first time that any such fake news or death hoax has been spread by the users for any star or big personality. Tom joined the line of death hoaxes previously Eminem, Lil Jay, and many more.

Tom Holland is a promising actor who is most known for his work in Spider-Man by Marvel. Rumors were spread about him passing away in 2022. Although the fans should not be sad as he is alive and well.

It all started with the hashtag RIP Tom Holland. It was a tweet that gave a guarantee that Tom Holland is no more and passed away in 2022.

Tom Holland

Details about Tom Holland Hoax 

A post on Instagram and the viral tweets about Tom Holland passing away is getting more and more light as users are unable to believe it. It began with an Instagram post where it was mentioned 1996-2022 with Tom Holland’s picture. Anyone can be deceived for a moment after looking at the post and believing that the star has passed away.

To ignite more fire to the rumors, an official wrote that Spider-Man was his favorite and further said that he will always be his hero. This was a touching message framed for Tom Holland with a hashtag attached to it. The hashtag was “liveanotherdayspiderman”.


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How did the fans react to the message?

The fans were shocked and emotive at the same time. The star with more than 185K followers received lots of emotional condolences. Fans created their own version to pay tribute to him. The hashtag “RIP Tom Holland” was due to the result of viral tweets and messages about his death hoax.

Tom Holland is alive and doing great

However, the good news is that nothing happened to Tom Holland. He is doing great and has good health too. The whole news was a hoax or can be said as fake news. The picture that was on the post declaring him dead was what he had posted a week earlier.