The invisible shield around Lady Gaga, theory trends on TikTok 

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner

Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Turner

After the latest concert of lady gaga, fans are coming up with a weird theory that it may be possible that the singer lady Gaga is protected by an unseen and invisible theory, you all know that the most ridiculous things can go trending and viral on the video sharing app of TikTok thanks to its search algorithms designed to promote such content on the platform, but what’s the source of such a strange rumor, who has come up with the theory, make sure to read ahead and find out.

The performance of lady gaga at the chromatic ball concert 

While we know already that your calendars are all marked with the lists of the various music tours, concerts, and fests, even lady gaga had a concert of her own, she was recently seen in the chromatic ball concert and perform she did, following the roaring and cheering of her fans and supporters who were present on the spot.

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This is where the strange theory of Lady gaga being surrounded by a strange sort of shield that protects her and is hidden from the common eye, if the users of TikTok have anything to say, they say that the singer has a personal unseen and invisible shield, this stems from one of the incidents that happened at the concert of lady gaga, someone from the crowd had got his hands on a random piece of cloth and aimed it at the singer on the stage, hurling the cloth at her with full force, but instead of reaching and hitting the singer, it stopped midway and fell to the floor, as if its path impeded by a wall made of magic, this led to tiktok users come up with the theory of an unseen and invisible shield.

Internet users react to the theory of invisble shield around lady gaga

The internet has come up with a lot hilarious memes and reactions after the theory of lady gaga having an invisible shield began circulating on the platform of tiktok