Tom Cruise to leave the mission impossible franchise? The truth behind the rumors

Tom Cruise Quitting Mission

We all know and love Tom Cruise, the action star has been ruling the hearts of everyone for a very long time, his mission impossible series is one of his longest running and one of the most popular franchises, in the films, Tom plays the role of the elite secret agent Ethan Hunt as he fights threats to peace and security around the globe, however, it is being speculated that for tom cruise, the upcoming two films will be his last ventures in the roles of Ethan Hunt.

The speculations about Tom Cruise and Mission Impossible Franchise 

While being featured in the light the fuse podcast, Christopher McQuarrie, who has served as the director of the past films in the Mission Impossible Franchise, was asked about the rumors that are circulating on the internet and the various platforms of social media, that the upcoming two films in the mission impossible series, that is Dead Reckoning Part one and two, will be the last outing of Tom Cruise as the secret agent Ethan Hunt in the series, although Christopher made no move to either confirm or deny the rumors, but he just gave a cryptic statement that much of what goes out in these entertainment magazines is false.

What did Christopher McQuarrie say about the rumors of Tom Cruise leaving Mission Impossible series

When asked about what he thinks about the rumors of Tom leaving mission impossible series that is running rounds on the internet and various other social media platforms, he went on to tell about how he has spent a considerable time in his career working on films with Tom Cruise, and he knows that what is going on in these magazines doesn’t even have an iota of truth to them. While he was still firm about not giving a clear denial or confirmation to the rumors of tom cruise leaving mission impossible franchise.