Kyle Gordy, who is he? Women won’t date a sperm donor with 47 children, he claims.

Kyle Gordy

Jam Press/@kylegordy123

Kyle Gordy is a sperm donor that has a total of 47 biological children. He maintains that ladies aren’t interested in dating him, and he can’t manage to find a girlfriend.


Kyle Gordy, who is he?

It may appear that a father who is prolific but unable to find a partner is a contradiction. A sperm donor from California with approximately 50 biological children. On the other side, he is concerned that his divisive career has harmed his chances of finding love.

Jam Press/@kylegordy123

Is Kyle Gordy experiencing dating difficulties?

The 30-year-old feels his dating issues are due to his success as an independent sperm donor. Most women aren’t interested in seeing him, he told Jam Press.

Those who do give him a chance abandon him swiftly. Kyle Gordy isn’t terrified of suitors; the problem is, women are just interested in his sperm… and not romantically. He estimates that 1,000 would-be mothers have approached him for sperm — he’s been donating since he was 22 and now does it for free through social media — and he’s fathered 47 children around the world, with 10 more on the way.

Why is it so difficult for Kyle Gordy to find love?

Kyle Gordy says that many women message him on Instagram looking for his swimmers, making meaningful friendships impossible for him to develop. He’s accepted that his dating life will never be the same as it was before he started giving birth. While on a “sperm donation tour” throughout the world, he just visited Germany and Scotland, and there’s a chance he’ll meet someone special.


Kyle is ready to settle down and start a family, but he recognises that it will take a particular woman to accept him for who he is, claiming that he usually admits his lifestyle right away. Kyle Gordy states that his secret to not firing blanks is an organic diet consisting of 18 different supplements and herbs every day, as well as avoiding alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, and drugs.